1922-23 Buescher Gold Plated True Tone Alto Saxophone

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     Buescher True Tone saxophones, in my opinion, are incredibly under priced for the tone quality and playability.
     This 1922-23 Buescher True Tone Alto Sax has been cleaned, polished, and overhauled including; leveling tone holes, new pads, felt, cork, regulation. It has a light, smooth touch, blows freely, and plays well. A couple of the hinge rods were frozen, so the posts had to be removed and replaced in order to remove the hinge rods for the overhaul.
      It is an awesome vintage Buescher True Tone Alto Sax and is in very good condition. It has a few scratches on the bell and a small ding on the bow. A couple of the keys has some marks on it. See pictures. The sax has a matte gold plated finish with bright highlights. Mouthpiece and cap, ligature, lyre, and Buescher case included.
      It is my intention is to sell many more quality horns such as this one with honesty and integrity.

                           S/N 106xxx

                     Ivins, Utah Location

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